LASIK Eye Surgery

    Is There a 'Better Time' to Get LASIK Surgery?

    Apr 19, 2024

    Are you considering LASIK eye surgery, but wondering when’s a good time to have the procedure? As experts in vision correction, we’re here to guide you through this decision-making process, ensuring that you choose the most opportune time for your procedure. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the optimal timing for LASIK surgery, helping you align […]

    Making LASIK a reality

    Making LASIK Eye Surgery A Reality

    Apr 12, 2024

    While millions of people consider LASIK eye surgery to correct their common vision problems, a much smaller percentage actually make that next move into a surgeon's office to find out if they're strong candidates for the surgery.

    LASIK Eye Surgery with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    Save on LASIK Eye Surgery with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2024

    Apr 3, 2024

    Did you know you can potentially save on LASIK eye surgery at The LASIK Vision Institute using pre-tax dollars? Here’s how a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help you achieve clearer vision without breaking the bank. What is an FSA and How Can It Help with LASIK? An FSA is a workplace benefit account that […]

    Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right For Me?

    Feb 15, 2024

    Have you ever misplaced your eye glasses? Or, have you had a contact lens fall out? LASIK surgery may help you avoid these frustrating situations. Before going to your LASIK eye surgery consultation there are some eligibility requirements that can guide you in deciding if LASIK is the right procedure for you. LASIK laser eye […]


    Laser Eye Surgery & Astigmatism

    Mar 27, 2023

    What is Astigmatism? Astigmatism is a common vision problem – so common that as many as one-third of all people might suffer from it to varying degrees. In fact, some people with small amounts of astigmatism might not experience a noticeable effect on the clarity of their vision. Astigmatism is a vision problem caused when […]

    LASIK Eye Surgery? Why People Choose It

    Feb 10, 2020

    Have you wondered about LASIK eye surgery, but just couldn’t imagine why some would choose to have the procedure? There are many reasons why people choose laser vision correction so we decided to explore some of those reasons! Convenience? For starters, there’s the simple convenience of not having to fuss with contact lenses or glasses. Sure, […]

    Options in Laser Vision Correction

    Jan 31, 2020

    Options in Laser Vision Correction Give Surgeons the Power to Personalize Because LASIK is so popular, you may think it is the only laser vision correction procedure available.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, there are several techniques and technologies that make up a spectrum of choices in laser vision correction.  Taken […]

    What is All-Laser LASIK?

    Jan 31, 2020

    If you’re interested in laser eye surgery, you’ve probably come across many different laser procedure terms as you research options. Sorting through the information and understanding the details of each procedure can be confusing. LASIK is the most common and familiar of all laser procedures available. But did you know there are different kinds of […]

    LASIK Surgery: Is LASIK Right For Me?

    Jan 31, 2020

    LASIK surgery can be an empowering experience. Have you ever misplaced your eye glasses? Or, have you had a contact lens fall out? Have you been caught without eye solution in order to get your contact lens back in? LASIK surgery may help you avoid these frustrating situations. Navigating the world doesn’t need to feel stressful, […]