The Cost of LASIK vs Contacts and Glasses

Prices have been steadily on the rise, especially for contacts. LASIK eye surgery is the ultimate investment that allows you to own great vision instead of “rent” it. Explore how LASIK surgery can offer a permanent solution.

Ever since that awkward moment in grade school when you realized you couldn’t see the board clearly, glasses and contact lenses have likely been your constant companion. But lately, haven’t you noticed a sting in your wallet alongside that familiar feeling in your eyes? You’re not alone. Prices have been steadily on the rise, especially for contact lenses leaving many people wondering if there’s a better, more cost-effective way to achieve clear vision. Enter LASIK eye surgery – the ultimate investment that allows you to own great vision instead of “rent” it. Lets look into the rising cost of glasses and contacts and explore how LASIK surgery can offer a permanent solution.

The Cost Burden of Contacts

For years, contact lenses have been a reliable vision correction method. But let’s face it, they come with ongoing expenses that can add up quickly. What is causing contact lens prices to increase? 

  • Increased Material Costs: Advancements in lens technology often involve using specialized materials, which can drive up production expenses
  • Manufacturer Consolidation: The contact lens market is dominated by a few major players, which can lead to less competition and potentially higher prices
  • Eye Care Professional Fees: Regular eye exams and fittings are crucial for healthy contact lens wear, and these professional services also factor into the overall cost 

The Long-Term Expense of Contacts and Glasses

Let’s break down the ongoing costs associated with contacts and glasses: 

  • Annual Eye Exams: Noting the type of insurance you have an annual eye exam can range from $75 to a couple hundred dollars
  • Annual Replacement Costs: Depending on the type of lens you wear, you might need daily, bi-weekly, or monthly replacements. These costs can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand annually
  • Additional Contact Lens Expenses: Don’t forget the extras like cleaning solutions, disinfecting cases, and sometimes even additional prescription drops. These can add another layer of expense to your vision correction routine
  • Glasses Frames and Lenses: These costs are typically a few hundred dollars annually based on your style choices and insurance 

Cost of LASIK Surgery

The cost of LASIK surgery involves a one-time payment, generally ranging from $1,999-$2,999 per eye which may seem daunting initially. However, when compared to the long-term expenses of glasses and contacts, it often proves to be more economical. Once the cost is covered, LASIK offers savings over time by eliminating the need for continual purchases of glasses, contacts, and related accessories.

Based on these figures, the cost of LASIK vs contacts and glasses can offer increased substantial savings over the decades compared to the recurring costs of contacts and glasses.

Considerations for Financing

Many clinics offer flexible payment plans and financing options, allowing patients to spread the cost over manageable monthly installments. The LASIK Vision Institute provides guaranteed financing options make LASIK affordable to all individuals.

Quality of Life: Investing In You

Beyond financial considerations, it’s essential to consider the impact of vision correction on your quality of life and on what money can’t buy – time. LASIK can provide the freedom and convenience of clear vision without the constraints of contacts or glasses, enhancing your daily activities and overall well-being.

In conclusion, the cost of LASIK versus contacts and glasses in the long term is a thoughtful consideration that extends beyond upfront expenses. While LASIK may require a higher initial investment, it offers significant long-term savings and lifestyle benefits compared to the ongoing costs and inconveniences of contacts and glasses. Own your vision and start your journey today with our simple 3 step process.

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