How Do I Choose a LASIK Surgeon?

Are you considering LASIK, or interested in learning more about laser eye surgery options? Then your selection of a surgeon is one of the most important choices that you’ll make during the process. There are some common qualifications that most LASIK eye surgery patients look for in a surgeon, and it’s also important to consider your own needs. Your comfort level with a LASIK surgeon and their staff is key, and every patient is unique.

Tips for Finding a Laser Eye Surgeon

While comfort level with your surgeon and their staff is an important factor, the process starts with researching which LASIK surgeons in your area may be a good fit. Consider information from a variety of sources when looking for potential surgeons:

  • Do you have any trusted family members, friends, or colleagues who have had LASIK eye surgery in your area? Asking for referrals can be a great way to find out about local surgeons, and learn more about what it’s like to have laser eye surgery.
  • It’s a good idea to speak with your eye doctor about having laser eye surgery. They can tell you more about whether LASIK may be a fit for your needs, and may even be able to refer you to a LASIK surgeon.
  • Online research can help you both validate and expand upon what you learn from other sources. Look for reviews of LASIK surgeons in your area, and testimonials from patients who have had procedures with each surgeon.

When you have a list of LASIK surgeons from your referrals and research, it’s time to take a closer look at which surgeon you feel is the best fit. Scheduling a free LASIK consultation is an ideal time to ask questions, and learn more about laser eye surgery.

  • When you arrive, how do you feel about the surgeon’s facilities? Is the office clean, orderly, and well-maintained? Are you made to feel comfortable?
  • Getting to know the surgeon’s staff can tell you quite a bit about what to expect from that LASIK surgeon. Is the staff friendly, and invested in making you feel welcome? Are they willing to answer questions, and explain the surgery procedure process until you’re confident that you understand? A staff that checks all the right boxes can be a great sign.
  • Does your consultation feel like an opportunity to learn, or a sales pitch? Is your doctor able to answer your questions thoroughly, and clearly evaluate whether laser eye surgery is the right fit for your needs? Your “gut feeling” matters too, so make sure it’s telling you the right thing when you are deciding on a LASIK surgeon.
  • There are different types of laser eye surgery available, so you may have interest in learning more about other options like PRK surgery, Custom LASIK or Topography-Guided LASIK to understand which procedure is the best option for your needs. In addition, be sure to ask the important questions on the LASIK surgeon’s experience, what laser technology they use, and which laser eye surgery procedures they offer.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward finding the right LASIK doctor? Schedule your free LASIK consultation at your local LASIK Vision Institute location, by calling directly or filling out a quick form on our website. Your free consultation is an opportunity to learn more about LASIK eye surgery, and find answers to all of your key questions.