The LASIK Vision Institute Travel support program

Travel Conveniently with The LASIK Vision Institute’s Travel Support Program

Tired of glasses and contacts holding you back? The LASIK Vision Institute offers a revolutionary way to achieve your improved vision – in just one day – even if you live far away!

Imagine: waking up after LASIK with sharper vision, without the worry of traveling home. Our convenient travel support program takes the stress out of long-distance LASIK procedures. If your home is more than 75 miles away from our vision center, we’ve got your travel needs covered.

Here’s how The LASIK Vision Institute’s Travel Support Program works:

Virtual LASIK Consultation
Free Virtual Consultation

Get started from anywhere with a quick 10-15 minute virtual consultation. Our friendly team will answer your questions and schedule your in-person exam.

Morning In-Person Exam

Visit our LASIK center for a comprehensive evaluation to determine candidacy. Relax and enjoy lunch afterwards.

LASIK Travel Program - arriving in the morning for in person appointment
LASIK eye surgery
Afternoon LASIK Treatment

Our experienced surgeons will personalize your LASIK procedure for optimal results. Experience immediate improvement in your vision!

Complimentary Transportation & Hotel Stay

We’ll provide a free ride to a comfortable partner hotel via Uber or Lyft, and cover your one-night stay*. Rest assured knowing you can recover comfortably after your surgery.

LASIK travel support program checking into hotel
LASIK travel program after LASIK treatment
Post-Op Appointment

Return the next day for a follow-up appointment to ensure your healing and vision correction are on track.

Don’t let distance prevent you from achieving your best vision!

The LASIK Vision Institute makes LASIK accessible, affordable and convenient, even if you don’t live close to one of our many vision centers.

Ready to ditch the glasses and contacts for good? Schedule your free virtual consultation today and take the first step towards a life of clear vision!

LASIK travel program - freedom from glasses and contacts

*Receive a discount of $200 on your LASIK treatment to cover your travel expenses!