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Latest FDA Approved Lasers

LASIK Eye Surgery Laser Technology

The LASIK Vision Institute® provides you with the latest FDA clinically approved LASIK and diagnostic technology in the industry.

How do excimer lasers work?

An excimer laser produces ultraviolet light that is absorbed by tissue, so rather than burning or cutting, the energy from the laser disrupts the molecular bonds of the surface tissue in a precisely controlled manner through ablation. These lasers can remove exceptionally fine layers of surface material with almost no change to the remainder of the tissue which is left intact.  Precise and efficient laser technology is utilized to reshape the layers of the cornea to treat your refractive error.

Alcon Laser Technology

WaveLight® refractive technology leads the market with fastest treatment times and allows for seamless transfer of patient data, creating enhanced efficiency, greater accuracy, and optimized outcomes.

The WaveLight® EX500 uses PerfectPulse Technology™ that combines high-speed excimer laser technology, precise beam positioning, sophisticated eye-tracking technology, and the flexibility of personalized treatment options.

The WaveLight® EX500 Laser offers a wide range of prescriptions with customization options and allows your surgeon to perform an individualized Laser Vision Correction treatment just for you.

WaveLight® refractive technology is one of the most advanced laser systems available and is trusted by LASIK physicians all over the world.


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Why Lasers?

Amazingly, the majority of patients can see 20/20 or better after laser vision correction, which is good enough to perform most daily activities without corrective lenses. In fact, 92% of patients have described their vision as “good” or “excellent” after their LASIK procedure using WaveLight® refractive technology.

WaveLight® refractive technology combines newer surgical advancements into a LASIK procedure personalized for your ideal vision. If you’re looking for LASIK that’s as unique as you are, the WaveLight® system may be right for you.

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