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10961 Gateway West Blvd, #300
El Paso, TX 79935
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We are located off the Gateway West Blvd exit of I-10, turn right on Barranca Blvd. past the Coca-Cola/Dr. Pepper Building. We are in the Loma Ten Business Park facing I-10 W in Suite 300.

Why Choose The LASIK Vision Institute® in El Paso?

Each year, more and more people in El Paso are choosing to have their vision corrected by The LASIK Vision Institute®. Your eye sight is extremely important to us and we understand choosing the right LASIK eye surgeon is a huge part of the final decision making process. We take the time for you to get to know your doctor and to understand your specific eye needs. We also make vision correction as convenient as possible with LASIK eye surgery centers in El Paso so you don’t have to travel far to find a great doctor and an affordable price.

What The LASIK Vision Institute® Has to Offer in El Paso:

  • Highly experienced independent LASIK eye surgeons: Your eyes will be cared for by some of the leading doctors in the country.
  • The Latest LASIK Technology: Clinically proven, FDA approved LASIK technology will be used for your laser eye surgery procedure.
  • Trust: Over 1.3 million procedures have been performed at The LASIK Vision Institute® by independent LASIK surgeons.
  • Personalized care: Our highly trained specialized professionals work with you to offer a choice of laser vision correction based on your individual needs (including Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK and PRK)
  • Affordable: We offer affordable LASIK procedures and easy financing for your laser vision correction. We believe that price should not be the factor that deters you from your dream of being able to see clearly without glasses or contacts.

Our Mission

To continue to be the innovators and leaders in the laser refractive market by providing an affordable uncompromising LASIK experience one patient at a time using the latest technology and highly experienced and dedicated physicians in El Paso.

At The LASIK Vision Institute® we utilize the latest technology, experienced independent surgeons and offer our Lifetime Assurance Plan. We are also committed to only treating those patients that are suitable candidates for laser vision correction using our advanced diagnostic equipment in El Paso.

Schedule a FREE consultation to see if laser vision correction and The LASIK Vision Institute are right for you in El Paso.

El Paso, TX LASIK Eye Surgery Center Reviews

4.9 Stars · 626+ Reviews

The staff is incredible! They take their time answering all of your questions and they acknowledge all of your concerns. I feel comfortable knowing I can contact them post surgery if I need any more guidance and not once did I feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. The best part was that I had both my consultation and surgery in the same week. The experience was completely painless. After surgery you feel slight discomfort (mild dryness/stinging) for about 3-4 hours, nothing alarming though. I think most people might sleep through it even though I didn’t; the staff had…

Val .
Val .
3 weeks ago

The LASIK Vision Institute helped tremendously in correcting my vision. I went from being -4.50 in each eye with an astigmatism, to having 20/15 vision. I highly recommend coming here. The service was fast and excellent, came on week for a consultation and scheduled surgery the next week. There are many financing options available. The staff is very nice and treat everyone very respectfully. I would recommend this place to anyone who is interested in getting LASIK done. If you are on the fence just do it!! Trust me it is well worth it.

Cayden B.
Cayden B.
3 months ago

Everyone is so sweet and helpful! I went from seeing blobs to seeing perfectly! The clarity is so awesome! Arriving at my follow up Claudia checks me and tells me that my vision is 20/15! I definitely do not regret this, actually I regret not doing it sooner. Thank you Dr. Kim, Cynthia and everyone!

Ada S.
Ada S.
in the last week