LASIK Increasing Among Younger Adults

Did you know the average age of LASIK patients is falling steadily? The typical LASIK patient used to be about 40 years old, but today, younger patients are taking charge of their vision through LASIK eye surgery.

There are many reasons why more young adults are opting for LASIK.

LASIK has become more widespread

In 2015, approximately 596,000 LASIK eye surgeries were performed in the United States. This number is expected to increase to almost 720,000 by the year 2020.[i] The more common the procedure, the more well-known it has become to the public. Many young adults today know someone who has had laser eye surgery and was happy with the results.

LASIK is approved for ages 18+

The only age requirement for a potential LASIK patient is that the patient must be at least 18 years of age. Many young adults who have suffered from poor vision for years are being proactive and taking steps to correct their vision while they’re young, rather than waiting for some far-off “better time” in the hypothetical future.

Sometimes, an eye prescription can be “less stable” during a person’s younger years. If your prescription seems to change every 1-2 years, you might not be a good candidate for LASIK (at that time). However, if your prescription has remained stable for a few years, even a young adult can be a great candidate for laser eye surgery.

Young Adults Affording LASIK

There are many resources available for paying for LASIK eye surgery.

Some LASIK providers may offer health insurance savings to cover the cost of the procedure, using an HSA (health savings account) or flexible spending account which can be used toward LASIK. Finally, many providers offer financing options.

A young adult can take advantage of these opportunities and weigh them against the cost of years of contacts or glasses. Getting clearer vision through LASIK at a younger age means more years of saving money that would have been spent on glasses and contacts!

It is easy to understand why LASIK has gained in popularity among a younger crowd. LASIK has been performed in the US for over 30 years[ii]. This means that younger generations have grown up hearing about LASIK and knowing that laser eye surgery is an option. Millennials are ready to take charge and experience the freedom that comes from having clearer vision.



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