Making LASIK Eye Surgery A Reality

While millions of people consider LASIK eye surgery to correct their common vision problems, a much smaller percentage actually make that next move into a surgeon's office to find out if they're strong candidates for the surgery.

While millions of people consider LASIK eye surgery to correct their common vision problems, a much smaller percentage actually make that next move into a surgeon’s office to find out if they’re strong candidates for the surgery. That number is drastic – according to the American Refractive Surgery Council (ARSC) 80 percent think about LASIK as an option, but a much smaller percentage meet with a surgeon to discuss it as a realistic option.

Are you one of those uncertain individuals? There are ways to make this step easier and feel confident in your decision. Here are a few tips:

Do your research
There are a number of methods to finding the right surgeon for your LASIK surgery, and one of the easiest is asking around for referrals. As LASIK is a very common procedure, a handful of your family members or friends have likely experienced it, so you can ask them about their doctor and if they’d recommend you to follow the same route. Additionally, browsing the internet and checking for reviews is always a valuable source, as well as inquiring through medical organizations like the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Know your price 
LASIK prices can vary from center to center. Compare prices, financing options and special promotions that may be available to you. Flexible spending account funds and tax refunds are additional sources for payment that you may consider.

Ask about experience
A reputable LASIK surgeon will have as many as thousands of surgeries under his or her belt and won’t be afraid if you ask about his or her history and success rate with the common procedure. Just as you’ll ask your potential doctor a number of questions, you should expect that the surgeon will have questions for you. Be prepared to give information regarding all your past and present eye conditions, as well as any medications you might be taking or are allergic to.

Now you’re ready
Once you’ve weighed all the pros and cons, discussed the procedure thoroughly with a surgeon you trust and undergone an eye exam, you might determine that you are a strong candidate for laser eye surgery. During a consultation, be sure to ask about what you may need to do in preparation for the procedure, as well as the healing process and how long it may take.

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