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The LASIK Vision Institute

4301 W Boy Scout Blvd, Suite 140
Tampa, FL 33607
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We’ve Moved! The new location is located on the first floor, suite #140, within an 8-story office park building at the intersection of N. Lois Ave and W. Boy Scout Blvd in front of International Plaza. Centennial Bank is connected to our new building. Outback Restaurant is directly across the street.

Google Reviews

Staff is awesome! Everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable. My vision is now better than 20/20. It’s so awesome to be able to see without glasses or contacts!

Kelli S.

i’m a few weeks post-op now and it’s still constantly blowing my mind to have such perfect vision 24/7. sometimes i forget i’m not wearing contacts. at both of my post-op appointments, i’ve proven to have 20/15 vision, which is even better t Read More +han my expected 20/20 vision i prepared for. it’s honestly the best choice i’ve ever made for myself. (yes, i’m aware of how paid i sound lol) the surgery itself was amazing as well. the surgeon, Dr. Ireland, was incredibly nice and made a big point to make me feel prepared and comfortable by explaining the whole process detail by detail and step by step, before and during the surgery, and answered any questions i had. as someone with a lot of anxiety, i was very nervous, but Dr. Ireland and the whole staff made me feel very comfortable and safe. i didn’t even feel the surgery at all! i know that’s already an obvious thing that they tell you before hand, that you won’t feel it, but i was still expecting to slightly feel at least a tickle or something. but nope! it was such a relief. i live pretty far, but the people here make it completely worth the drive. i enjoy seeing them again each time. i honestly wish there was a higher rating than 5 stars, because this whole ex

Samantha C.

So far so great, surgery was yesterday, no pain, took 5 minutes

Alan M.