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4301 W Boy Scout Blvd, Suite 140
Tampa, FL 33607
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We’ve Moved! The new location is located on the first floor, suite #140, within an 8-story office park building at the intersection of N. Lois Ave and W. Boy Scout Blvd in front of International Plaza. Centennial Bank is connected to our new building. Outback Restaurant is directly across the street.

Google Reviews

The LASIK Vision Institute of Tampa absolutely saved my vision, not only saved it but improved it 10 fold. I now have 20/15 vision and I am beyond ecstatic!! I went in for my free consultation and one week later was having the procedure done! I will Read More +admit, my right eye looks crazy weird right now because I have several broken blood vessels from the suction cups that dock right on to your eyes, but they will clear within a few days I'm told. Also, the only thing I was NOT expecting was that the very FIRST day of surgery- you have to put eye drops in EVERY 15 MINUTES that you are awake!! From then on, its EVERY SINGLE HOUR that you are awake for a solid month (and some techs suggested 2 months!!!) So, just be ready for all that! Seriously though, I am just tickled pink to have had this done... to be able to look upon my 3 children's faces without them being blurry is PRICELESS to me!! Speaking of prices... they charge you by your current vision strength- therefore MY surgery was $4,198... yours could be different though! Two thumbs up! Worth every penny! I highly recommend them!!!

Katie C.

Overall this is the best and most friendly team. The minute you walk in the door till you leave you feel welcomed and cared for. Thank you for the awesome Doctor, surgeon and all the wonderful staff at the Lazik vision Institute.

Mamdouh E.

Here are the details of my experience: All the people working at this office are very polite and professional. When you go in for the first free consultation, be prepared to be there for 2-3 hours, as they have about 4 different eye exams to perform Read More +to confirm that you are a good candidate for Lasik. They know what they're doing, the eye surgeon (Dr. Fox) who did my Lasik has operated on over 30,000 people. I did feel anxious and my heart racing during the procedure, though nothing in the whole procedure hurt. They use numbing eye drops so there's no pain and they use tools to make sure your eyes are open and in the correct place. There was a little bit of discomfort during the suction part where the first laser creates the flap, but again nothing hurts. After that, the second laser is the easiest part, in my opinion, though I did pick up a bit of a burning scent. As someone who has used hair bleach, tattoo removal lasers, and smoked in the past, the burning smell was not alarming at all and only lasted a couple of seconds. The whole Lasik procedure takes 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, the eye doctor (Dr. Saleski) suggested I take either benadryl or tylenol PM and get a lot of rest. I went home, took benadryl, napped a few hours, wok

Marissa F.

I had a GREAT experience at Lasik Vision Institute. I am post surgery (day after surgery) and my eye sight is now 20/15!! I did have a few issues scheduling my surgery (the surgeon had to reschedule my first Surgery appointment and I never was notif Read More +ied). Then the front desk person was rude stating “I’m not arguing with you over whether you got the call or not” even though the day before my paperwork showed no change. But once we got passed that little inconvenience, it was a GREAT experience. The only last hiccup was the day of surgery (yesterday) they changed surgeons on me without notifying me. LUCKILY this change was soooo much better! Dr Fox was an upgrade (in my opinion)!! The doctor (Dr. Martin Fox) was early coming in (usually they are not), And all appointments ran on schedule, the staff was very kind and welcoming. They explained Everything in great detail!! Dr Fox was kind, funny, brilliant, calming during surgery, and the team all seemed in sync. He has amazing bed aide manner. I HIGHLY recommend you wait until you can have him as your doctor! Seriously!!! Worth the wait and even the staff would not stop raving about how much they love working with him too!! The eye doctor was also amazing too! She was kind, i

christina M.