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LASIK Eye Surgery In St. Paul

Looking for reliable LASIK eye surgery near St. Paul, Minnesota? Although we don’t currently have a LASIK Vision Institute location in St. Paul, MN, we can confidently refer you to the Whiting Clinic, a trusted and reputable LASIK provider in the Minneapolis area, to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. For more information about the Whiting Clinic in Minneapolis, we encourage you to visit their website and book a free consultation:

Whiting Clinic, a proud partner with The Lasik Vision Institute, is thrilled that Kirk Cousins made the decision to have LASIK with our family of brands. The results of his procedure, completed years ago, are still providing impactful benefits to Kirk both on and off the field. We love that we were a part of his LASIK journey. Watch this video from Kirk talking about his LASIK Experience.

We will be collaborating under a paid endorsement arrangement with Kirk to share his story about having LASIK. Craig Joffe, CEO stated, “Our partnership with Kirk has been amazing so far and we are excited he will be working with us. He has been an impressive quarterback and leader for years, and we feel that his vision has allowed him to take on every challenge and succeed. “We’ve always been excited to watch his success on the field and look forward to another season.”

“Clear vision means everything as a quarterback, and they have given me the gift of great sight,” says Kirk. “Thanks to their state-of-the-art procedures and exceptional team of experts, it was an easy decision for me to partner with them. With their expertise, I can see the game with increased clarity, making split-second decisions and unleashing my full potential.”