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The LASIK Vision Institute

1800 Pembrook Dr. Suite 120
Orlando, FL 32810
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We are located on the south side of Pembrook Drive, in a 4 story white building.

Google Reviews

This was a great friendly place. I was scared to do Lasik but everyone was super nice. The procedure was literally less than 10 minutes and I was surprised that I could see when I left

Jasmyn S.

My husband and I went to the Lasik Vision Institute at 1800 Pembrook Drive , Orlando to see about getting our eyes looked at. From arriving there we were greeted by friendly , helpful staff who were fantastic , we both did not wait too long for our Read More +appointment like you do most places these days . We both were taken into different rooms to see how our eyes were , one test to another to another, very thorough they were , And as I were having the tests they described what they were doing and looking at . All the way through my examination I were explained about everything so I didn't feel like I didn't know what was going on . In seeing the last doctor I told him, that I had lightning flashes and a floated in my right eye to which I got about 7 weeks ago , thought it were a migraine but were unsure . Upon telling the doctor he told me to get it checked out by a retina specialist before going back to get it done, that's if I decide to go ahead with it , as he didnt know if I had a retina problem, and as they have to apply pressure to my eye he wouldnt know if it could cause a problem. And I felt like ahhh , a relief as he didn't try to get me to do something when he didn't know if my eye was damaged , I mean pressure me into

Tracey M.

My experience was just beyond belief. I have been wearing glasses about ten years. The staff at Lasik Vision are amazing. I would not recommended going anywhere else. They make you feel like your the most important person there . From the front desk Read More +when you enter to the whole entire staff. I Thank You so much for enabling me to see normally again. I will recommend Lasik Vision to all my friends and family Again Thank You

Michael M.

The staff is so loving and welcoming. Now I have a 20/20 vision and no longer need my glasses! Thank you Lasik Vision Institute!

Alejandra R.