Jacksonville LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery Center

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Jacksonville Surgery Center

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The LASIK Vision Institute

5210 Belfort Rd, Suite 110
Jacksonville, FL 32256
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We are located on the East side of I-95, in between Salisbury Rd and Belfort Rd.

Google Reviews

The entire experience was great! The only part that wasn’t fun was the afternoon after the surgery from the post operation symptoms, some advice to make life easier, have NSAIDS readily available, and plenty of preservative free eye drops! Oh! And Read More +get lots of sleep after surgery! You’ll wake up the next morning and it’s like black magic with how clearly you can see!

Peter B.

You can’t mess around when it comes to your eyes, and the staff and doctors at LVI made me feel safe and confident in the process.

Alexandra M.

My husband had surgery yesterday. His vision was evidently 20/400 and today it is 20/15!! He is so excited at how well he can see. He would do it again in a red hot second. He was reluctant initially and is very glad he opted not to wait.

Terri F.

It was good doctors were nice. I was able to see my vision improve within 24 hours. I went from only seeing the big letters on the eye chart without glasses. To see the smallest lines within a day period

Edward R.