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5210 Belfort Rd, Suite 110
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We are located on the East side of I-95, in between Salisbury Rd and Belfort Rd.

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They were very easy to work with and made sure I understood everything that was going on. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see better. Thanks Lasik

Tiffany C.

Words alone cannot express exactly how I feel! After YEARS of being forced to wear visual aids (prescription contacts and glasses) just to be able to see...unable to enjoy the beach fully due to wearing my glasses....unable to work out without my gla Read More +sses containing particles or my contacts blurring...this feeling is TRULY INDESCRIBABLE. The first few hours after the procedure were quite uncomfortable as to be expected, but when I opened my eyes the next day and I looked down the hall way and noticed it was completely clear, I actually cried a bit. I had my procedure done on 12/5/2020....and three days later my vision is WAY BEYOND 2020 (confirmed at a follow up appointment with the lasik clinic). The price I paid was well beyond worth it to be able to see the world like a picture. My vision is EXTREMELY crisp and sharp. I suffered from nearsightedness, blurred vision, double vision, and astigmatism, and in less than twenty minutes the Lasik clinic corrected all of that...ALL OF IT!!!! It's like they put someone else's eyes on me!!! To anyone having doubts about the procedure or second guessing it, my advice would be to do it! ABSOLUTELY DO IT! It will be THE BEST decision you have possibly ever made. I can't thank the Lasik Clini

Chantelle B.

Really pleasant experience. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. The staff, doctor, and surgeon were really nice. And I really enjoyed the experience!

Aaron B.

Update: After 2 days, my eye was feeling much better already, since I only only lasik only left eye, the recovery time is much quicker. I came in for my procedure at 8:30, and I was done by 9:10AM. It was super duper fast and efficient. I met with Do Read More +ctor Ireland, very professional and nice guy, he went over everything before we went in the operation room, and the machine pretty did all the work. Procedure: I took Valium to calm my nerves before I went in for my lasik procedure, because I knew I would freak out due to my fear of pain. But the actualy laser only took less than 2 minutes for one eye, and they used plenty of numbing gel and drops so I didnt feel any pain, just a bit of pressure. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. After I left the clinic, the numbing medication was still in my eye so I felt fine. But after an hour later, the burning and itching started coming in, I was not able to touch my eye so I took some Tylenol and forced myself to take a nap. Woke up 4 hours later, felt much much better. The next day, all the burning sensation went away, I woke up like a new person, I could see very clear now without glasses The optometrist followed up with me the day after surgery and then I went in on the 3rd day for my

Tracy V.