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Brooklyn Surgery Center

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The LASIK Vision Institute

16 Court Street, Suite 801
Brooklyn, NY 11241
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We are located on the 8th Fl. of the 16 Court Street Bldg., which is next to a Fed Ex store. Office located between Remsen (VitaminShoppe on the corner) and Montague Street (TD Bank on the corner). We are located directly across from the Columbus Park. Train Information: (Bourough Hall) Train 2-all times, Train 3-all times except late nights, Train 4-all times, Train 5-weekdays until 8:45pm, Train R-weekdays except late night. Connection NYCT bus: B25, B26, B38, B41, B45, B52.

Google Reviews

They’re the best! I had it all done within a few days and the staff is super friendly. If you’re nervous, they’re good at helping ease that and if you have financial worries, they work with you. The doctors and Lily were so nice and have great Read More +bedside manner and are able to really personalize the experience and make you feel excited. It’s only been a day but I’m healing well and seeing so clear. I literally thanked them a million times and sounded like a broken machine but they’re really amazing. Highly recommend!

Zulikha R.

I had LASIK done here and I had a good experience here. I had my appt for the consultation first thing in the morning. They checked my eyes using the various machines they have there. They definitely know what they're doing, and they work quickly. Th Read More +e staff there is light hearted and has a sense of humor. I got the LASIK done that same day, so I came back later that day to get it done. From the time I entered the door to the time I left was about 45 minutes. The procedure itself is quite short, but it is not easy, in the sense that if you think it's some piece of cake procedure where you won't feel a thing, it's not. So just mentally prepare yourself for a bit of difficulty and self control. All in all I would recommend them to a friend

nader a.

Excellent evaluation/consultation. Great and welcoming customer service.

Jahsaun A.

First I would like to say how sweet the staff is! Before getting the surgery, I was always nervous to get it until I came in for my consultation and they made me so comfortable and surprisingly excited to get it that same week! Also on day 4 after my Read More + PRK surgery, I went for my checkup and found out I was already seeing 20/20! What made it so interesting was that my eyes wasn’t even fully healed yet and just knowing that it’s going to get better makes me feel like I made the best decision ever! So if you want to see how good life is, to see great like me and have your eyes done by an AMAZING STAFF, this is the place to go!😃

Tasha J.