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The LASIK Vision Institute

16 Court Street, Suite 801
Brooklyn, NY 11241
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We are located on the 8th Fl. of the 16 Court Street Bldg., which is next to a Fed Ex store. Office located between Remsen (VitaminShoppe on the corner) and Montague Street (TD Bank on the corner). We are located directly across from the Columbus Park. Train Information: (Bourough Hall) Train 2-all times, Train 3-all times except late nights, Train 4-all times, Train 5-weekdays until 8:45pm, Train R-weekdays except late night. Connection NYCT bus: B25, B26, B38, B41, B45, B52.

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The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable. They take you through every step of the way pre, during, & post surgery. My vision is so much better.

Yanibel C.

Obviously, I had a poor vision before the surgery and I was wearing glasses for the prior 18 yrs. Now, half a year later, after the surgery, I see 20/20 (actually one eye is a little better if you can imagine that!). The actual procedure took about 1 Read More +0 minutes at the most. The surgery did not hurt, though I emotionally felt uneasy about of the laser. Dr Jackson was amazing and quick with the procedure and would verbally walk me through the whole process as he was doing it. In additional, the staff is very friendly, but professional. I was a worried wreck but they made me feel very comfortable. Now, half a year later, I still have a habit of adjusting my "non-existing" glasses, but I forgot what it is to wake up with the blurry vision!

Maksim K.

Excellent I highly recommend it You feel welcomed they go every detail with you Any questions you have they answer you And the best part that I can see is a blessing waking Up that I don’t look for my glasses they are there for all your needs

noris v.

I had my surgery done at around 4:20pm on a Friday afternoon, and by 5:00am Saturday morning, I was 95% back to normal. The surgery itself lasted maybe 5 minutes or less, I was in the facility from 4:00 to about 4:30. My recovery was a on the mid to Read More +higher end of uncomfortable on Friday evening, Where I couldn’t open my eyes for about 6 hours. But it subsided when I fell asleep and woke back up. It mostly felt as if I got shampoo in my eyes. It is now Sunday and I can say I’m feeling 99% better. The 1% is just a tiny bit of dryness which is considered normal, and the eye drops help a lot with the dryness. The best part of my experience was how caring and attentive the staff is. My wife did her surgery two years ago and the staff still remembers her and asks about her every time I went in. They add that personal touch that money just can’t buy. I felt really comfortable with them, and they also gave me many opportunities to ask as many questions as I had. I would highly recommend going with this company for your lasik surgery mostly because they make you feel like family and they take very good care of you. I did my surgery during the covid pandemic and they took all the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety which we

James B.