LASIK Patient Story: Ryan S.

An Actual Laser Eye Surgery Patient – Ryan S.

Are you tired of dealing with the daily hassles and the inconveniences that come with glasses or contacts? Every day, people make the decision to contact The LASIK Vision Institute, and take their first steps toward the lifestyle freedoms that come with clearer vision. Ryan S., an actual LASIK Vision Institute patient, made the decision to have LASIK eye surgery after years of wearing glasses and contact lenses. In the video below, you’ll learn more about why Ryan decided to have LASIK, what his experience at The LASIK Vision Institute was like, and how he’s enjoying the benefits of having laser eye surgery.

What Was Life Like before LASIK?

“Before my procedure I wore contacts all the time, and I have really bad allergies. Using contacts for me was always a hassle.”

How Was Your Experience at The LASIK Vision Institute?

“The LASIK Vision Institute was able to work with me to make it affordable. The day of the procedure, when I went in, the surgeon explained every step of the process. Everybody was very caring, and very kind. The whole experience for me was just very rewarding.”

How Did You Feel on the Day of Surgery?

“When I woke up after having the procedure done, I was amazed by what I could see. I could see my alarm clock. I could see the TV. Everything is much crisper.”

Was Having LASIK Eye Surgery the Right Decision?

“Getting LASIK was definitely the right choice for me. After having LASIK done, I felt free. I was just able to go out and enjoy life and do the things that I wanted to do, without any worry or hassle.”

What Are You Enjoying Most about Life after LASIK?

“It’s really an easy process. Having LASIK done was really a life-changer for me. I was able to swim. I scuba dive without worrying about my contacts. With LASIK, I can enjoy life much more. I’d definitely recommend The LASIK Vision Institute. Thanks, LASIK Vision Institute, for making my life easier, and for changing my life!”

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