LASIK Patient Story: Jennifer F.

A Real Laser Eye Surgery Patient Story: Jennifer F.

Every day, people visit The LASIK Vision Institute to take their first steps toward the lifestyle freedoms that can come with laser eye surgery. Whether dealing with vision problems for a lifetime or dealing with the hassles of wearing glasses or contact lenses, many patients view LASIK as a truly life-changing experience. In the following video, Jennifer F., an actual patient at The LASIK Vision Institute, discusses her motivations for having LASIK, her experience at The LASIK Vision Institute, and how she enjoys the lifestyle benefits since her surgery.

What were your motivations for seeking out LASIK eye surgery?

“Contacts were a big hassle, and also a big expense.”

How did you feel on the day of surgery, and what was your experience with the LASIK Vision Institute?

“The day of the surgery I was very nervous, and the doctor came out. He sat with me, and he explained everything step by step.”

What do you remember experiencing on the day of the procedure, and how did it feel?

“I took off the goggles and I looked up at the television and the clock. I was able to see the numbers without fuzziness. There was no blurriness. I was just amazed!”

What would you tell a friend who asked about the LASIK Vision Institute?

“I do have The LASIK Vision Institute to thank for this life-changing experience.”

Every patient is unique, but Jennifer’s story is also a great example of how many people feel after having laser eye surgery at the LASIK Vision Institute. Ready to learn more about LASIK candidacy? Start by scheduling your free consultation and meeting with a LASIK specialist at your local LASIK Vision Institute location. You can schedule your consultation online with a simple form, or by contacting your nearby LASIK Vision Institute location directly.

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