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The LASIK Vision Institute

9000 Brooktree Rd. Suite 110
Wexford, PA 15090
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Our office is located at Perry Hwy and Brooktree Rd, just west of a Hyundai dealership and a U.S. post office.

Google Reviews

Very friendly and competent staff. Was told by my previous eye doctor that I was not a candidate for Lasik for years. Went to Lasik Institute and had procedure and I am very happy. I wore progressive glasses for years. After mono vision Lasik procedu Read More +re I was able to see everything right after procedure. No more glasses for me. I will recumbent to everybody I see. I wish I had it done sooner.

Michael L.

Just had surgery yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic! The staff truly care and they are very comforting. I’m 24 hours post surgery and I have 20/15 vision and zero pain or issues! I would definitely recommend!!

Nick F.

The employees were extremely friendly and supportive. They had an answer to all of my questions. If you're willing to go through a little discomfort/pain for 1 day (pressure/pain on the eyes during the surgery and the burning sensation afterwards thr Read More +ough the rest of the night), but have perfect vision after that, then I'd say go for it. I am very pleased that I endured the slight pain/discomfort because I now have perfect vision!!!

Carl M.

I was able to achieve 20/15 from 20/50 with an astigmatism in one eye. I am very pleased with the results. The procedure was very quick and painless. Just be sure to sleep right after your procedure, as that will be the only “pain” you will have Read More +if you do not sleep for 4-5 hours. Other than that, blade-less lasik is the way to go!

Jason L.