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The LASIK Vision Institute

51 Germantown Court, Ste 103
Memphis, TN 38018
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From I-240 take the exit for Walnut Grove Road East. Follow Walnut Grove Road East and cross over Germantown Parkway. After Germantown Parkway take your first right on Timber Creek Drive. Take the 1st right onto Germantown Court.Turn right on Timber Creed Drive. Take the 1st right onto Germantown Court. On Saturdays go to the back of the professional building and enter through the door on the right. Not to either side of the building, but the back.

Google Reviews

I had Lasik surgery about 2 months ago and I am so glad that I chose them to do my procedure and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The staff there is so friendly and professional. My vision was horrible!! My glasses were bifocals and my contac Read More +ts were extremely thick. Without them, i could not see ANYTHING, everything was blurry and I had severe astigmatism. They fully corrected everything and now I have perfect vision. I don't have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. The procedure was painless and the doctor talks you through the whole procedure telling you exactly what is going on. I was so shocked at how good I could see as soon as he finished the procedure. I am extremely grateful to them because this has made such a huge change in my life. They also worked with me as far as payment and I was able to get the procedure financed. So if you don't have the money to pay for the whole cost of the procedure, ask them about payment options because they will definitely sit down and try to help you. Compared to other places I called, they also had the BEST price which made it much more affordable for me.

Cherrelle B.

Couldn’t have asked for anything more. The staff were all very knowledgeable. The entire process was very efficient without feeling rushed. My results were great: about 20/15 vision in both eyes and all adverse side effects like dry eyes or glares/ Read More +halos were fairly minor immediately after surgery and completely gone after a month.

Grey D.

My vision has been absolutely horrendous since sixth grade. I became a pro at using contacts as a kid, so I actually didn’t consider Lasik until my glasses started fogging up my mask during the pandemic. My husband had amazing results from Lasik in Read More +stitute, so they were my top choice even though we live out of state. About a month ago, I decided I’d had enough and went in for Lasik with contoura. I can see perfectly, no dryness or halos, and there was no pain at any point. I’ve even convinced my equally blind brother that he needs to have it done. It’s very affordable for an elective procedure, I wish I’d do this years ago!

Sunny L.

I loved it! Everyone was so nice and helpful. I had my consultation in January and my surgery scheduled for 2/20. I was supposed to be on a trip on Valentine's Day weekend but COVID (once again) striked again so I cancelled that trip and moved my sur Read More +gery up by a week. Everything went great and my vision is better than ever. Now, I am telling my mom.. I'm watching TV with "my new eyes." They just don't know they've completely changed my life. I can watch TV without my glasses and I can drive without my glasses which were the two major things I was looking forward to doing without GLASSES. The only thing I was nervous about was a tingling sensation for a couple hours after but after I went to sleep for basically the rest of the night, I was 100%. Thank you Lasik Institute! It is definitely money well spent!!!! You guys are awesome all the way through!!!!!

Kashina B.