LASIK Eye Health

    May is Healthy Vision Month (Updated April 2024)

    Apr 18, 2024

    The National Eye Institute (NEI), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has established May as Healthy Vision Month. In today’s digital age, our eyes are constantly subjected to prolonged periods of screen time. This increased exposure to digital screens can lead to various eye-related issues, including digital eye strain, dryness, […]

    sunglasses to protect eye after LASIK

    Choosing the Best Sunglasses After LASIK Surgery

    Apr 11, 2024

    Keeping a pair of protective sunglasses on hand is always a good idea in general, and it's especially important while you recover after LASIK eye surgery.

    stress article

    The Surprising Link Between Stress and Eyesight: Understanding the Impact

    Apr 5, 2024

    In our fast-paced world, stress has become an unavoidable part of daily life for many. From deadlines at work to personal pressures, the effects of stress can manifest in various ways, including physical health. One area often overlooked is its impact on eyesight. Yes, you read it right – stress can affect your vision more […]

    Annual Eye Exams are Necessary Even After LASIK

    Apr 5, 2024

    Many laser eye surgery candidates wonder if they will need to see their eye doctor for an annual exam following their LASIK procedures. After all, most will no longer require glasses or contact lenses. However, while your vision may be 20/20 or better following your LASIK procedure, it is still important to visit your eye […]

    healthy foods for eyes

    Eye Candy: 8 Vision-Healthy Recipes You’ve Got To Try

    Mar 20, 2024

    You’ve heard the hype about carrots and beta carotene, but plenty of other supermarket staples have been shown to offer significant eye health benefits. Next time you’re in the meat and veggie aisles, look for these ingredients to make a meal that’s more than eye candy. 1.       Spinach Omelet Eggs and spinach are packed with […]

    guy visiting the lasik vision institute

    The Anatomy of The Human Eye

    Feb 7, 2024

    How often do we truly appreciate our eyes and what they do for us? Imagine your eyes as a biological camera, meticulously capturing snapshots of the world and transmitting them to your brain for processing and interpretation. According to Medical News & Life Sciences, humans have binocular vision, meaning that both the eyes create a […]

    photo of a woman of color who has diabetes

    Can You Have LASIK with Diabetes?

    Jan 18, 2024

    As of 2021, it has been estimated there are approximately 38.4 million people with diabetes in U.S. population.[i] We often get questions about diabetes and if the diagnosis automatically disqualifies one’s candidacy for LASIK. Many patients will be happy to learn that the simplified answer is “NO”. However, there are additional clinical criteria that are […]

    millennial woman thinking about getting LASIK


    Jan 10, 2024

    When deciding on how to address a vision problem, many people may find themselves debating between contact lenses and LASIK eye surgery.

    What You Need to Know About Astigmatism

    Dec 23, 2023

    Astigmatism is one of the most common vision afflictions, but many people still don't know exactly what it means.