LASIK Results: 1 Week After LASIK Treatment

Most patients will attend a 1 week post op appointment, so if your doctor has scheduled one for you, be sure to attend. Continue to use your prescribed eye drops, as directed.

As your eyes are healing, your vision may fluctuate a bit day to day. This is typical with laser correction and you should not be alarmed. During this stabilization period some glare, halos, night vision difficulty may be experienced. These are generally short-term symptoms that tend to get better by themselves in time.

At this point after your treatment, exercise can be resumed. However, use eye protection to avoid any rubbing or contact with your eyes. Avoid pools and swimming for at least 3 weeks after laser eye surgery. Contact sports should also be avoided for a few weeks, due to the higher risk of injury to the eyes.

In addition, avoid products such as lotions, creams, and eye makeup –unless your doctor advises differently.

Keeping your eyes well lubricated will assist with the post LASIK surgery results.

Always know to contact your surgeon if you have questions, develop any unusual symptoms, experience any pain, or suspect a problem.

After seven days, you may stop using your eye shields at night.

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