LASIK Results: 3 Weeks After LASIK Treatment

Amazingly, within 3 weeks after laser vision correction, strenuous activities and contact sports can be resumed with eye protection, including swimming. It is recommended that you discuss all your sporting and exercise activities with your LASIK surgeon to determine if and when you are able to resume all activities 3 weeks after LASIK eye surgery.

Lawn mowing, gardening, and other outdoor activities can usually be resumed. Continue to take great care with your eyes and protect them accordingly.

In your 3-week post-op appointment, your LASIK doctor will give you a standard eye test, to see how your vision has improved, and track your progress.

Some vision fluctuation, sensitivity to light, and tearing or dryness is normal and part of the healing process. You may still need to use the artificial tears 3 weeks after your LASIK procedure, although you can slowly taper off them in the coming months.

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