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The LASIK Vision Institute

16335 S. Harlem Avenue Suite 200
Tinley Park, IL 60477
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The office is in a plaza on the southeast corner of Harlem and 163rd St, the second right before the intersection. The center is located in a brown-brick, Megent Financial Inc building inside a professional center plaza. Also in the plaza is a Bank of America. The number of each building is printed upon the westward side.

Google Reviews

I just went in today for my evaluation and the staff is super polite and friendly.

Ana R.

I had my Lasik procedure done almost two months ago at the Tinley Park location. Staff was super friendly, they answered all my questions. I had trouble with scheduling the procedure because I was so busy at the time and they helped work around my sc Read More +hedule to get it done. My follow up visits went well, I can see 20/20 now which is unbelievable because my vision was sooo bad before. I have been experiencing a little sensitivity to light, mostly outdoors when it’s very bright out and occasional headaches, but I was told that’s normal and should improve over time. I have noticed improvements in this now that I’m almost at the two month mark. Anyways, I recommend the procedure and I recommend this location!

Kharina B.

Had a great experience at the LASIK Vision institute in Tinley Park. Staff was friendly. Never waited more than a couple minutes in the waiting room, appointments were quick and to the point. Surgery was freaky, but over quickly and the staff was gr Read More +eat at helping you through. Dr. Jonathan McGlothan performed my surgery, who I see online on another vision centers website has done over 70,000 procedures. I had a slight concern going in because there are no surgeons listed on the LVI website in Illinois, but he was great. Today was my 3 week out appointment I was able to read the 20/15 line of text and was told my eyes had healed nicely. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get LASIK.

Steve H.

I finally made the effort to change my vision for the rest of my life. The staff and procedure at the Lasik Vision Institute was professional, comfortable, and easy going. I appreciated my experience all the way through. Thank you to everyone!

Jacqueline H.