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Tempe, AZ 85284
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Our Tempe, AZ LASIK eye surgery center serves the following surrounding cities: Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Laveen

Google Reviews

When I first started looking around and getting quotes I asked friends and co-workers who they used and the one most commonly named was LVI. I had my free consultation and had many of my questions answered. I held off on going through right away beca Read More +use I wanted to pay upfront and not have to do a payment plan. Once I was ready they did a recheck and I decided what I wanted. Once I decided they didn't pressure me to change them or upgrade this or that. I had all my questions answered even up to the signing of the papers as I asked more and more questions. I was very VERY nervous and spent the whole night before having nightmares about going blind. I didn't opt for the sedatives because I don't like the way I feel on meds so I only took a Benadryl after I signed papers. Then I met Dr. Clark for the first time. I will say this. All the staff were great. But I LOVED Dr. Clark. He was real. It wasn't all...."you will love it, it will be great, no worries" which is good but it was nice to have Dr. Clark tell me "look no one talks about what you experience during the procedure. You will feel pressure and pain in the form of pressure. But this will be quick and end." His comparison of it being like childbirth where it's not enjoyable (b

Natalie Z.

The experience at LASIK vision Institute was awesome everyone at the office was really nice and helpful. They answered all my questions and I felt comfortable going into the surgery. Dr. Kao did a awesome job, the way he did the surgery and talked to Read More + me made me even more comfortable about the surgery. I would recommend this facility to all my friends and family that are looking for a nice relaxed place to have corrective vision surgery. During the post op screening they told me that I was healing nicely and that I was already seeing 20/15. The staff made the experience a memorable one and I appreciate all they did for me thank you all.

Chuck P.

I drove all the way from Montana to get my eyes done here. The staff was amazing and so friendly! I was nervous at first but working with Megan the day before and then having her be in my surgery room it instantly made the nerves go away. I felt righ Read More +t at home! Thank you LVI for the great experience! I can’t keep the smile off my face:)

Bailie A.

I love LVI!!! They are amazing the whole process was pain free and completed with in 5 mins. I can see better then with my glasses it’s the best money I have ever spent.

Matthew L.