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Syracuse Surgery Center

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The LASIK Vision Institute

1304 Buckley Road
Suite 301
Syracuse, NY 13212
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We are located in a 2 story brick building. When you are on 7 North, turn right onto 48/Buckley Road. Our building will be on the right hand side of the road.

Google Reviews

Great experience. I was not a candidate for LASIK but was able to get PRK. I was in pain for a couple of days afterwards but the staff had warned me of this and gave me a prescription to help manage the pain. The procedure was a bit uncomfortable but Read More + it was over in 2-3 minutes and the nurse was super reassuring. After about a month I was at 20/20 vision. I'm super happy that I don't need my glasses anymore, especially with all the mask wearing! No more foggy glasses.

Marianna M.

Had a great experience. Wasn't a candidate but I appreciate the honesty and time.

Karen M.

Amazing office.. Everyone is so warm and welcoming !

Shelby G.

This was truly a great experience. My vision was not horrible before this but I was just so tired of glasses. I could not wear contacts because of my astigmatism. Now, I feel like I'm catching so many of the details I was missing for so long - street Read More + signs, leaves on trees, the expressions on people's faces as they are walking towards me, and so many other little details. I'm looking up when I walk more now because I can see! I would recommend the Lasik Vision Institute specifically because I am picky and yet I have no complaints. The staff were professional and knowledgeable - able to answer all of my admittedly bizarre and hyper-detailed questions. The setting is clean, safe, and generally calm without being cold. The surgery day went without a hitch. Scheduling all of my appointments, including my follow up appointments, has been easy. Every step of the process has been thought out and made to be as accessible as possible.

sarah b.