Syracuse LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery Center

Syracuse Surgery Center

Now Open - Accepting In-Center Consultations

The LASIK Vision Institute

1304 Buckley Road
Suite 301
Syracuse, NY 13212
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We are located in a 2 story brick building. When you are on 7 North, turn right onto 48/Buckley Road. Our building will be on the right hand side of the road.

Google Reviews

Amazing staff. Center manager is really personable and made the whole process smooth.

Bobby J.

Staff members smiled when greeting me. A little gesture can go a long way, the last thing I wanted was to be waiting there, however, the staff made it bearable as they were accommodating. Free hot chocolate was a plus.

Ally K.

Respectful staff, if I had a complaint it would be that the child of another patient there was loud. Parents be mindful of other patients as well as the staff when you bring your child.

Mai H.

Great space, you’re left to do whatever you please while waiting for consultation. It’s really quiet. Maybe something could play in the background during office hours? Radio? Regardless, I was pleased with the service.

Samantha G.