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Syracuse Surgery Center

The LASIK Vision Institute
1304 Buckley Road
Suite 301
Syracuse, NY 13212
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Our Syracuse, NY LASIK eye surgery center serves the following surrounding cities: Auburn, East Syracuse, North Syracuse, Lakeland, Watertown, Utica, Ithaca

Google Reviews

This surgery has given me the potential to see clearer. The operation was a successful. In fact, it went even better than expected.Monovision was performed, meaning that they performed LASIK on only my left eye. At first, I wanted to do both ey Read More +es, but they explained that with good near vision in one eye and good distance vision in the other, it would save me from wearing readers all the time. Well I wanted to get away from wearing glasses that’s why I considered LASIK. They were not concerned about the money. they actually saved me over $2000. They provided me with a wealth of experience and freedom from wearing glasses.I’ve contemplated LASIK for many years and I finally did it. I’m so happy that I did! Everyone at The LASIK Institute were so great through the process- kind, accommodating, and reassuring. The procedure was quick and easy. This morning I woke up and was shocked with how well I can already see without glasses or contacts. I suffered no side effects and my eye healed up beautifully. No swelling, pain or discomfort. This is truly life changing- thank you to the staff at LASIK Institute!

Annette R.

The best place to go for LASIK.

HorseLover 1.

Unfortunately, I was not a candidate but everyone at the Syracuse office was awesome!

Seth G.

I personally have not gotten LASIK, but my kids have and they said it was the best thing they have ever done. It has been years since their surgeries, and they still have great vision!

Bethany H.