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The LASIK Vision Institute

4013 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
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We are located just West of 63rd Street in Lake Point Towers building on the North side of NW Expressway. We are on the first floor in suite 100, address is 4013 N W Expressway.

Google Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Excellent, extremely good; outstanding customer service, affordable Lasik surgery comparing to others places, go with them, you will save money...

Damaris L. R.

I've waited nearly 2 years to post a review, I wanted to make sure I fully healed and got the full results. I had to have PRK because of my thin corneas so the recovery process was a lot longer(and more painful, ngl), but it was soooo worth it. After Read More + being blind as a bat for 30 years(my vision was worse than 20/1000 before), I'm 20/20 now. It's miraculous. I have a bit of chronic dryness but nothing that interferes with daily life. I just need to use drops at bedtime and when I wake up, and dry environments do bother me more than most people but it's a very small price to pay to just SEE without fiddling with glasses and contacts anymore. I really couldn't be happier that I got the surgery. Yes, it's expensive but worth every penny!

K L.

I had a great experience, the doctor and nurses were great. Had the procedure completed yesterday and I can see the best I have ever been able too. I went for a 20/300 in the left and a 20/200 in the right eye to and 20/20 and a 20/15 over night. Pre Read More +tty incredible. The procedure itself isn’t to bad took about 10 minutes but the 6 hours after was a challenge. Already I’m an extremely happy and it was worth the 6 hours after. A couple of Tylenol and a good sleep and you get through it easily. I would highly recommend this place!

Scott C.

Best service ever! I love this place and they treated me soooo well

Kendra E.