Grand Rapids LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery Center

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Grand Rapids Surgery Center

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The LASIK Vision Institute

2900 Charlevoix Drive S.E.
Suite 100
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
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Located on Charlevoix Drive SE, you will see a large community/complex sign for Centennial Park. Our building is on the left.

Google Reviews

They were able to get me in for appointment quickly without problems. The surgery went great and my my visions is 20/20

simon k.

Amazing experience! Staff was excellent, very friendly and knowledgeable. Surgery was a breeze. After my 4 1/2 hrs rest time opened my eyes blown away at all the things I could see! Wish I would have done this years ago. Would highly recommend the Read More +LASIK vision institute to anyone!

Tonya M.

I debated whether to get LASIK since my vision wasn't THAT bad, around -1.5 in each eye. But I was tired of dealing with contacts and glasses and had heard good things about the LASIK Vision Institute from my coworker who got PRK. The staff made me f Read More +eel welcome and comfortable at my free consultation. The price was also much lower than I expected, so I booked the surgery for a week later. This was the fastest, most painless recovery from any surgery I've ever had. You are awake for surgery but it wasn't painful - I would describe it as "icky but endurable." The numbing eyedrops they use prevent you from feeling any pain or the urge to blink. They walk you through each step of the procedure so you know when to expect your vision to go black for a few seconds, some pressure, etc. Each eye took what felt like only 20 seconds and then I was done! My eyesight measured at 20/20 the day after surgery. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to do the surgery if the staff at the LASIK Vision Institute hadn't been so great. They are super encouraging without being pushy, and made it clear there was no obligation to book the surgery once they determined (for free) that I was a candidate. This surgery has been life-changing and I would

Anna J.

Staff was awesome! Very friendly! The process was quick and easy!

Wayne W.