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The LASIK Vision Institute

12416 Hymeadow Drive, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78750
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We are located East of Westwood High School, just South of the CR-45 & US-183 interchange, directly behind the Department of Public Safety building.

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Worth every cent.

Josh M.

I've worn contacts since the age of 18 (now 40) with -2.75 correction in each eye. I finally got fed up with dealing with the routine of contacts, especially when camping and swimming, and decided to have Contoura Lasik done at Lasik Vision Institute Read More +. I waited 9 months to give feedback to give an accurate perspective. Dr. Whiteside and the whole staff were very professional and the process was straightforward. There weren't any surprises between what I researched, what they told me, and what I experienced. The surgery itself was painless (albeit weird) and within 24 hours I was close to 20/20 vision. After a couple weeks I was up to 20/15! I used the supplied drops and artificial tears and the instructed intervals and did not have any dry eye issues. The only noticeable side effect was halos around bright lights at night, but that eventually went away after 3~ months. My only regret is waiting so long to get Lasik! I highly recommend Lasik Vision Institute for anyone wanting to make the jump.

Ryan E.

Perfect surgery.. Got out with 20/15 vision

Raymond P.

I came in for a consult. Everyone was beyond helpful. My technician Kristen answered any questions or concerns I had related to my visit. I would most definitely recommend coming here. Five stars from me!!! Great environment!

eve b.