Give the Gift of LASIK Eye Surgery

The new year is approaching, and with the vast number of people starting to make their resolutions for 2020, it may be time to make a different resolution.

There are many seasons and events in life worth celebrating with a thoughtful gift. It might be a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s day, or Christmas. Many times, when we try to find the perfect gift for an event, we come up short!  Consider giving something truly unique: the gift of LASIK eye surgery. It’s a gift that enhances the recipient’s quality of life. LASIK eye surgery can improve or correct a person’s eyesight after a quick and easy procedure.

If you are struggling with what to give your significant other, friend, or family member, consider choosing LASIK. This unexpected gift will keep on giving… long after a box of chocolates has been eaten, or a birthday dinner has been enjoyed, LASIK eye surgery will still be providing improved vision and freedom from glasses or contacts! Patients who undergo the surgery could see the results almost immediately, and the recovery time is not extensive.

Why Give the Gift of LASIK?

There are numerous reasons to opt for LASIK surgery over traditional, material presents.

Long Lasting

A material gift will eventually be used up. Tickets to an event will be enjoyed for one night and then forgotten. But when you gift someone with LASIK eye surgery, you’re bettering their life in a long-lasting way.


Giving someone freedom from glasses or contacts is an amazing present. Think about your loved ones no longer having to stumble around to find their glasses, or to deal with glasses slipping off their noses, or contact lenses getting lost in the sink. They could wake up in the morning and not need to squint or blindly fumble for their glasses in order to read their alarm clock. The simplest of lifestyle freedoms with LASIK are gifts that just keep giving.


Not only does LASIK give the gift of improved vision and a freer lifestyle, but it also lifts a financial burden from the recipient. Think of how much is spent on glasses or contacts over the years… the prescription updates, new frames, new lenses, and even accessories like cases, solutions, and cleaning cloths. Your loved one may no longer have the expenses of these items after receiving LASIK!

Individuals who are considering the surgery should talk to their doctors about the procedure to make sure they are good candidates. The quick surgery consists of reshaping the cornea and changing the focusing power of the eye to give people improved vision.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, LASIK vision correction surgery is not for everyone. However, the number of those who are eligible continues to increase each year. So, individuals who were once denied may now be candidates.

The procedure is done quickly, and the patient can go home immediately. The resulting improvements can truly enhance a person’s life—making it a gift worth giving!

If you’d like to find out if you are a candidate for LASIK, schedule a free consultation at a LASIK Vision Institute location near you.


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