The LASIK Vision Institute Expands as the Company Grows

Continued expansion has elevated The LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) above the competition in both quality and size. Now the thriving business has outgrown its corporate offices as well.

A leading national provider of LASIK eye surgery from South Florida, LVI recently found that additional office space is necessary to accommodate its quickly growing business. The company is expanding to an additional floor in its West Palm Beach LASIK headquarters. The move creates new space to build out The LASIK Vision Institute’s national call center and provides additional room for other new employees as the company grows.

“The need for expansion at a time when some of our competitors are downsizing speaks volumes about the quality and value provided by The LASIK Vision Institute,” said LVI CEO Ben Cook. “We take pride in our recent success and look forward to continually increasing LVI’s national network to provide life-changing vision correction to residents all across the country.”

Experiencing impressive growth over the last several years, LVI now covers more markets than any other national LASIK company and has completed over 950,000 procedures to date. Currently maintaining 49 facilities in 28 states, LVI expects its development to steadily continue throughout 2013 and 2014.

As it expands across the country, The LASIK Vision Institute also maintains a strong presence near its home base. New Florida facilities opened earlier this year for LASIK in West Palm Beach and Plantation boosted LVI to six centers for LASIK eye surgery in Florida alone.

With new LASIK offices opening frequently, LVI is rapidly creating high-quality jobs by increasing staff at both its regional centers and corporate offices. LVI is proud to provide 60 jobs at its headquarters and more than 360 jobs nationwide.

As it swells in size, The LASIK Vision Institute is also building a great place to work for its growing number of employees. LVI creates a positive and rewarding professional environment that fosters personal and professional advancement. Staff members receive a range of benefits, including a strong 401k program with a generous company match.

“The LASIK Vision Institute truly invests in its employees and I want everyone at the company to share in our success,” said Cook. “Our office expansion provides additional space for the current staff and plenty of room to continue expanding our highly professional and dedicated team.”

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