LASIK Vision Institute Opens Its Long Island LASIK Eye Surgery Center

Long Island, NY – May 1, 2013 – The LASIK Vision Institute, a national leader in laser vision correction, announced the opening of a new Long Island, New York LASIK Eye Surgery Center.

LASIK eye surgery on Long Island is now available through The LASIK Vision Institute (LVI). The nationally-respected leader in vision correction services today announced the opening of its new laser eye surgery center in Garden City, New York. The facility will provide world-class vision correction to residents throughout the New York City metro area.

LVI’s new office is located at 200 Garden City Plaza, Suite 130 Garden City, NY 11530 just off the Meadowbrook State Parkway near Roosevelt Field Mall. It is conveniently accessible to residents of New York City and the surrounding region.
In celebration of the office’s grand opening, LVI is offering a 20% discount this month on vision correction services at its Long Island LASIK eye surgery center. Proud to offer better vision for better value, LVI also provides custom financing plans for which more than 90% of applicants immediately qualify.

“As LVI continues to expand, our goal is to bring affordable, enhanced vision to Americans all across the country,” said CEO Ben Cook. “Our new Long Island laser eye surgery center creates a convenient opportunity for New Yorkers to receive affordable long-term vision correction right in their own backyard.”

The skilled and experienced LASIK surgeons at the New York facility reflect the high level of care, knowledge and service that customers can expect at every LASIK Vision Institute location. All of the vision leader’s independent physicians utilize the safest, most state-of-the-art, clinically proven and FDA-approved LASIK technology. To date, LVI has performed more than 900,000 procedures.


The LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) provides life-changing laser vision correction services at the company’s 41 centers in 25 states across the United States. Some of the country’s most highly experienced independent LASIK doctors utilize the safest, most state-of-the-art, clinically proven and FDA-approved LASIK technology at each LVI center. LVI’s skilled eye surgeons have performed more than 900,000 procedures, utilizing LASIK technology which delivers 20/20 or better vision within a year to 98% of patients. Pre- and post-operative visits and patient counseling are available at all locations. Because LVI owns its own laser equipment it is able to offer consumers pricing significantly below other providers while maintaining the highest standard of care and service. Learn more about LVI’s affordable LASIK pricing and financing programs by visiting the company’s website.

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