LASIK Patient Story: Dwayne B.

Author: The LASIK Vision Institute

A Real LASIK Patient Story

Every day, people from all walks of life make the decision to take the first step, and learn more about LASIK eye surgery. Are you wondering what it’s like to experience the benefits of laser eye surgery first-hand? Then there’s nothing like going straight to the source. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the LASIK story of actual laser eye surgery patient Dwayne B., who relies on clear vision both to provide care to his patients, and to make the most of the simply joys in life.

Learn More about Laser Eye Surgery from Patient Dwayne B.

As a vascular surgeon, LASIK patient Dwayne B. depends on his vision every day to provide the care that his patients need. Yet Dwayne has also dealt with vision problems for most of his life, starting in his childhood. By the time he was in grade school, Dwayne had to rely on glasses to address a strong astigmatism.

“I’ve worn glasses most of my life, probably starting around seventh grade. Because of my strong astigmatism, it was very difficult finding a comfortable pair of contacts.”- Dwayne B.

With vision correction devices not providing the solution he sought, Dwayne decided to learn more about laser eye surgery from the team at The LASIK Vision Institute. Dwayne made the decision to have laser eye surgery, and has enjoyed the results ever since.

“My experience at The LASIK Vision Institute was enjoyable, professional, and a life-changing experience for me.” – Dwayne B.

Like many LASIK patients, Dwayne B. found joy in the lifestyle benefits of laser eye surgery, including the type of family events that create life-long memories for all of the parents in attendance.

“There’s nothing like seeing your kids at a recital, or a play, and not fumbling for glasses to try to take a photo.” – Dwayne B.

Yet it doesn’t take a special event for Dwayne B. to be thankful for the benefits of clear vision. After LASIK surgery, Dwayne gained new appreciation for all of the beautiful scenery that had always been waiting just outside his front door.

“I remember the first time I started to look at things around me in the house. I looked across the street in the trees, and I can actually see the birds, and the color of the birds. You could see the individual leaves, and I almost felt like I had a high-definition TV right in my own head.” – Dwayne B.

Enjoying the scenery is a great start, but it’s far from the only reason that Dwayne B. was happy with the results of his LASIK eye surgery. As Dwayne continues to discuss life after LASIK, the word “freedom” comes up again and again.

“If I had to describe how my life changed after having the procedure, I would say that I received more freedom – freedom to play sports, freedom to enjoy my family and friends. It’s probably one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I’ve had in my life.” – Dwayne B.

Every laser eye surgery patient has their own unique story, and the story of Dwayne B. is a great example of the positive difference that LASIK can make for people with vision problems. After dealing with astigmatism since seventh grade, Dwayne is free to enjoy his favorite activities with newfound clarity. Our team at The LASIK Vision Institute is proud to help create the “life-changing” experiences that Dwayne mentioned, and will continue to work hard to provide an excellent standard of vision care for all of our laser eye surgery patients.

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