The LASIK Vision Institute® Testimonials

Learn more about what our satisfied patients from The LASIK Vision Institute® had to say about their LASIK surgery and why so many of our patients choose to refer their friends and family members.  Our LASIK patients trust the remarkable results, the affordable pricing,  and some of the most up-to-date equipment – to provide you with better vision for better value.

Testimonial” I can’t believe how a 6-minute procedure could so immediately and drastically change my vision…and therefore my life!!”
Kelly G., San Diego, California

” I am very happy with the results of my surgery, also the staff at The LASIK Vision Institute were very professional and I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend friends and family to here. ”
Beatriz A., Las Vegas, Nevada

Marriage Testimonial“I would recommend it to everyone.”
Jessie F., San Diego, California

“I love being able to see!!! My eyes are wonderful 20/15. It is wonderful being able to wake up and read the alarm clock. THANKS.”
Michelle M., Nashville, Tennessee

“It’s probably one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experience that I have had in my life. My experience with The LASIK Vision Institute was enjoyable, professional, and a life changing experience for me.”— Dwayne B.,
Orlando, Florida

“The moment that I was able to see for the first time, I did ask myself, wow, why did I wait so long? I can do more activities with my children, most importantly swimming underwater with them. The team at The LASIK Vision Institute, I cannot
stress enough how amazing they are. They are just so caring and they’re so sweet. They walked me through every single step.”
Pollette G., Orlando, Florida

Childcare“I am very happy with the results. Wish I had this done sooner. I have recommended this to my friends and family.”
Jan E., Las Vegas, Nevada

“I can see!! YIPEE!!. It was easier that what I thought. Everyone was friendly and wonderful. Ecstatic with the results.”
Stacy F., Sacramento, California

Wish I would of had it done years ago.”
Kim L., Carmel, Indiana

“When I [sat] up after having the procedure done, I was amazed with what I could see. Everything was much sharper and clearer and when I jumped in the car, I was able to see the street signs. Having Lasik done was really a life changer for
me. I’ve always enjoyed life, but with Lasik I can enjoy life much more! I would definitely recommend The Lasik Vision Institute. Everybody is very caring and very kind. The whole experience for me was just very rewarding.”
Ryan S.,Tampa, Florida

“When I got up and I looked up at the television and at the clock; I was able to see the numbers without fuzziness or blurriness. I was just amazed. My experience was wonderful, and The LASIK Vision Institute made LASIK surgery definitely
affordable for me.”
Jennifer F., Tampa, Florida

“After the procedure, on my ride home everything seemed more colorful and there was more detail to everything. If anybody came to me and asked me for advice as far as getting Lasik surgery, I would definitely tell them to go to Lasik Vision
Institute. They had the best treatment, the best staff, and everybody makes you feel very comfortable.”
Jacky N., Orlando, Florida

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