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Our Seattle, WA LASIK eye surgery center serves the following surrounding cities: Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Renton & Sammamish

Google Reviews

Had an amazing experience with the place. I had to reschedule multiple times but they were flexible around accommodating me. The staff are really friendly and really made sure I felt comfortable at every step. I had PRK, which had some complication Read More +(one of my eyes swelled more than normal) and they immediately scheduled me for another check up on the same week to make sure I was progressing (albeit slowly). After almost three months and now my eyes are at 20/15 (yay, better than 20/20 but I was also disappointed to learn that 20/20 is just the average vision). I'm still no sniper but I'm enjoying driving without glasses :).

Andy .

The staff at LVI was very professional and courteous. My appointments and surgery went very smooth. The people that work here are very knowledgeable and kind, they did their best to make sure my every need was met and answer any question I had. I can Read More +’t recommend this place enough.

Dailey E.

Thank you to all the staff at the Lasik Vision Institute! (Bellevue, WA location) From my very first consultation to my week post op surgery, they were always curteous, knowledgeable, and took the time to understand and listen to my needs and concern Read More +s. My husband had successful PRK surgery 2 years ago at the same place, and it was because of his awesome experience and great results that I wanted to do the same. I however qualified for the LASIK corrective surgery instead of PRK and have been very happy with the outcome thus far. I highly recommend the Lasik Vision Institute (Bellevue, WA location) if you are wanting excellent customer service, healthy, safe, outstanding vision results!!

Lisa O.

I had multiple LASIK consultations in the area, including Lasik Vision Institute. I decided to take the consultation here since the price was the most competitive out of all the options. I am so happy I did as this is one of the only places that offe Read More +rs Contoura eye mapping. I was very pleased with the whole staff (thank you Shanny, Roman, Sarah, Dr. Shahi, Dr. Campbell, and everyone else). They really went out of their way to make sure my care was premium. For example, after the operation, I accidentally touched my eye in my sleep and created a ripple in the corneal flap they cut, and LVI flew down the surgeon on a Sunday to smooth out the flap just for me. I can't say enough good things about LVI Bellevue. I had -3.25 with a lot of astigmatism and now I see perfectly without any glasses or contacts. Thank you LVI Bellevue!

Justin N.

LASIK Doctors Servicing This Location:

Dr. Gordon Jensen, M.D.
Dr. Gordon Jensen, M.D.
Dr. Gordon Jensen is a highly experienced, surgeon who specializes in laser vision correction surgery. A native of Utah, Dr. Jensen has been practicing ophthalmology for seventeen years. Dr. Jensen ha…