Centro de Cirugía de Birmingham

The LASIK Vision Institute

3595 Grandview Parkway, Suite #125
Birmingham, AL 35243
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4.9 Stars · 495+ Reviews

Absolute excellent staff all around! The process was super simple and straightforward and was explained very well to me. I'd also like to personally call out Sierra and destiny for their amazing bedside manner and their help throughout the entire process. I'm currently writing this in my 1-day follow-up and I can confirm I am seeing 20/20! I'm so happy with the results and how affordable the entire process was (literally half of what I was expecting to pay)and how amazing the staff is here. 10 out of 10 will highly recommend.

Devin N.
Devin N.
4 weeks ago

10/10 Amazing. The staff is super nice I always got to laugh and smile when I was there. The doctor was very good a making me feel comfortable and answered every question I had. 100% recommend Lasik.

Leslie G.
Leslie G.
in the last week

100% worth it. At first I was hesitant after speaking with a colleague about LASIK, but after a free consultation I was ready to be glasses free! I didn’t have the worst vision in the world, but I did have to wear glasses everyday for clear vision. During the consultation, Dr Williams explained everything in great detail and made sure I understood the process exactly. Once I was confirmed that I was a candidate (a machine scans your eye and makes sure all looks good) I was offered an appointment that very same week! The actual surgery took a total…

Zack S.
Zack S.
a year ago